Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wrap Stash

Left to right: EllaRoo, Storch Inka, Storch Anna, Maya
My newest obsession in life is baby wrapping. Wraps have made my life about 1 million times easier. I wake up in the morning, wrap my baby, and get tons of housework, projects, or cooking done in no time. My baby is happy, I'm happy, it's such an amazing item to own.

I'm not going to go into the details of baby wrapping, but I'm going to give you a brief description and then a product review on what I currently own.

There are two types of wraps that I own. One is a ring-sling. It's basically a short piece of material wrapped around a ring. You can then quickly put the baby in it and walk around. I wouldn't say it's completely hands-free, but it's fast to put on and very portable.

The second type, my favorite, is just a standard wrap. There are several material selections, but I've only used 100% cotton. Some are thin, and some are thicker. I prefer the thicker wraps. At first, they are a bit difficult to learn with, but I think the reward is worth it later because they are so sturdy and provides tons of support. The thin ones leave me with neck pain because of pressure points, and they do not provide as much support as I would like. But everyone is different and has different preferences. You are suppose to consider weather as well. Storch's would be great for Fall/Winter/Spring and EllaRoo would be great for very hot summers. I've experienced both and let me say, it really doesn't matter to me. Cold is cold and hot is hot. If you walk outside on a hot day, with or without a wrapped baby, you're hot. If you walk outside on a cold day, with or without a wrapped baby, it's still cold. The hottest thing about wrapping is the baby, so there's not a lot that can be done about that. In over 100F weather, I put my baby in a Storch and an EllaRoo and didn't noticed a HUGE difference. That being said, if I cannot get my EllaRoo to work out, then I plan to sell it and buy another thin wrap to replace it. I just like to have the variety, that's pretty much the only reason.

Comparing the Ellaroo (left) and Storch (right, bottom). Hopefully you can
see a difference in thickness.
My Stash:

Maya Wrap Ring Sling, Bright Stripes
Maya Ring Sling (out of print pattern, I can't remember the name, and not pictured above)
Homemade Ring Sling

(Bright Stripes, Anna, Inka, and LaRae are just the color names)

(I also have a Baby Bjorn, but it doesn't get used as much. I prefer my wraps.)

You can find them used as well, which is a bit cheaper, but not much. Wraps really do not lose value over time. In fact, people usually prefer used wraps because they are softer since they are broken in. The EllaRoo doesn't really need any breaking in, but the Storch's do. At first, the Storch's are a bit stiff and the material feels rough. But after using it for a while, or tying it in knots, sitting on it, letting the toddler run around with it, then eventually it softens and is easier to work with.

Anyway, my favorite is the Storch, and when my kids grow up, I can even recycle it as a swing or hammock, it's THAT tough. :)


Wrap Your Baby - Great place to buy wraps and watch video demonstrations.

Becoming Mamas - Description of the different brands.

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  1. Great info on the wraps. I liked wearing my babies too. It was the only way I could get anything done because they all wanted to be in my arms all the time.

  2. I like the idea of the baby wraps - they really would have come in very handy when my son was little. They are so pretty as well!