Friday, August 10, 2012

Spray Painted Ceiling Fan

I've been trying to do small DIY projects around the house lately, just to bring some of our older pieces up-to-date. Not only do I want to save a buck, but I also want to keep useful stuff out of the trash. This ceiling fan, for example:

It's a beautiful fan, really. Yes, the gold and wood are a bit out-dated now, but the overall design is still lovely. Plus, it's in great shape. With a can of spray paint from Lowes, I was able to transform this fan from the one above, to this awesome one below.

Ok, here's how I did it:

1) Turn off the power so you don't get electrocuted
2) Take the fan down, remove the blades (pretty easy, just a few tiny screws to remove)
3) Clean the entire fan to remove dust, then lightly sand the entire fan, and clean off the dust again. This is probably the most important step.
4) Spray paint whatever color you want and let it dry thoroughly for several hours. I used Rust-Oleum Any Surface/Any Angle Satin White and Rust-Oleum Any Surface/Any Angle Metallic Satin Nickel.


1) The white blades took a couple of coats of white, so you MIGHT need two cans of paint.
2) The metal paint sprays on very thin, but once it dries for a few minutes, it will darken. So be careful not to spray it like crazy and cause drips. Spray, let it dry for half an hour, spray again and so on until it's the color you want. Then let it dry for several hours. I did get a drip, so I let it dry thoroughly, then I sanded the drip off, cleaned it, and sprayed it again.

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  1. Great idea! I am inspired to do this to the fan in my bedroom.

  2. You really have transformed your old fan - it looks beautiful, and you have made it sound very do-able too! Thank you for sharing this really inspiring project!!

  3. Wow, that looks great!! I LOVE spray paint and use it to update lamps, picture frames, baskets, etc alll the time. I will have to remember this ceiling fan idea!!

  4. Woah. The color white made your ceiling fan look more sophisticated! Remember, when cleaning your ceiling, if you’re going to use a detergent, be sure that it is light or not too abrasive. It is also good to use warm water to be sure that the paint job won’t wear off easily.

    Staci Severns

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  6. This is a great idea to give new colour to your place !
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