Thursday, December 15, 2011

Play Room - Part 2

Remember this? It's the playroom. Progress report = Zero

Ok, I did add a pink bean bag chair and the room has carpet now. I wanted to start on the curtains but I cannot find yellow chevron fabric anywhere. I searched every store I could, even in different towns but came up with nothing. I did find some online but it's way more money than I'm willing to pay. Hopefully I will find some though. I'm not giving up.

Here are my ideas:

The blue above is the wall color, which is already done. (Benjamin Moore's Bahaman Sea Blue #2055-44)

Yellow Chevron fabric for curtains:

Decor Pad

Pink Bean Bag Chair for accent color (no, I did not buy this from Amazon but this is the same color):


World Map to either hang on the wall, or maybe find a rug:


I want to build this table:

Fabulous Finishes

Build this cute little chair/reading area and the puffs hanging from the ceiling, but in pink:

I love my apartment

Some type of chalkboard:

Just head on over to my pinterest for more ideas. Click here.

I'm also going to make a toy box and add some shelves. Oh, and I plan to use their hand/footprints as art. :)

All of the pictures are cited, of course. Just click on the link below each picture and you will go to the website.

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