Sunday, December 18, 2011

Outdoor Winter/Christmas Decoration - on the cheap!

I love natural outdoor decorations. I'm always trying to find something outside to decorate with. Today, I decided to take a few small branches from our tree, piece them together and then hang them on the porch.

For Halloween and Thanksgiving, I hung up some corn with ribbons around it. When I bought the ribbon, I made sure it would work for fall/winter. So after I tied the branches together I was able to re-use the same ribbon to save time and money.

Ok, here's how it's done.

First, trim some small branches off of your tree.... or your neighbors tree when they're not lookin' :)
I made the mistake of doing this without gloves.... in the words of my toddler "ouchies!"
I used three branches for each piece. I tied them together using some thin green wire, but almost anything  would work.

Create little hooks in the back....

This will allow you to hang it up of course....

Don't forget to attach the pretty bow, which I also did with wire. After you hang them up, you might need to trim them a bit to keep people from bumping into them. Again, ouchies....

Pine cones and red berries would make this adorable but sadly I have none.

So there ya have it! Outdoor decorations which was almost free. The ribbon was $1.00 each on clearance and I used it for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Winter/Christmas decor. Easy as that! :)

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