Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cloth Diapers - The Beginning

The VERY beginning. I haven't started using them yet but I received them in the mail the other day. I washed them and tried them on my toddler.

Here's what I noticed right away:

--- Keep in mind, my kid is a little bit tall for her age, but not in any way chunky. ---
--- Also, I'm only trying snaps. ---

  1. Fuzzibunz One Size Pockets - Runs a tiny bit small. Barely fits my 2 1/2 year old, might fit my newborn but could be too big at first. VERY trim (the trimmest) and the pad holds still in the diaper pocket. Also, the adjustable elastic is kind of annoying to work with. I prefer to adjust the size with snaps instead (which isn't an option).
  2. BumGenius 4.0 Pockets - Would NEVER fit a new born. It would probably fit a baby 10lbs and up. Fits my 2 1/2 year old very well with room to spare, but the pad does move around a bit in the pocket. Pretty trim, but not as much as the Fuzzibunz.
  3. BumGenius Elemental One Size - Very easy to use, same fit as the other BG, also fairly trim. The pad inside is sewn in, which slows drying time, and it also moves around a lot (more than the 4.0) which I think would cause poopie accidents.
  4. Rumparooz One Size Pockets - Not in ANY way trim but fits my toddler perfectly and would fit a newborn as well. Very easy to snap on and work with and the pad holds still in the pocket. Has a poop canal of sorts to help keep the poop in but it could be difficult to spray out with a diaper sprayer.
  5. Best Bottoms (microfiber inserts)- Would probably fit a newborn, or at least 8lbs and above would be my guess. Runs the smallest of all the diapers (the Rumparooz sizes down to the smallest size, but sizes up to one of the largest) and I struggle to put it on my 2 1/2 year old. It also feels like the least comfortable diaper to me. The snaps touch the skin and that bothers me a bit. 

Hands down, my favorite is Rumparooz but the fact that it is SO bulky makes me nervous about buying more. My second favorite is probably BG 4.0 because it fits so well (but unfortunately will not fit a newborn). The Fuzzibunz, if it were bigger, would probably have been my first or second favorite but since it runs small it doesn't work well for us.

The Fuzzibunz and Best Bottoms barely fit my toddler. Think bikini underwear. Very low cut and doesn't cover the booty as well as you would like. The others would be more like regular, old fashioned undies. Rise hits right below the belly button and the booty is covered.

But of course I will use them all. I bought one of each (and won a few in give aways) to try them out before I invest in several. The last one I will check is the Blueberry one size and then I'm probably done.

I will keep you updated! :)

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